Phibo Industries

Nuclear & toxic decontamination technology. 
» Study, development, production and sales of installations, accessories, and special consumables for treatment, conditioning or cleaning of nuclear surfaces. 
» Both manual cabinets in closed-loop systems, as well as completely automatic decontamination boots with remote control. 
» Nuclear and toxic decontamination techniques (NTD). 
» DECOMATT cleaning process (decontamination for release or recycling of contaminated materials). 
» Surface cleaning before crack detection (Non Destructive Test). 
» Improvement  of material fatigue (Shot peening). 
» Finishing and conditioning of stainless steel and other possible substrates with the SUBLIMOTION-process®. 
» Degreasing and thorough cleaning from contaminants such as carbon deposits, rust, old paint layers, etc. 
» Selective removal of paint. 
» Cleaning of contaminated moulds and extrusion dies, without erosion or damage to the substrates or surface structures. 
» In-line cleaning and precision surface finishing of metal components, wires, cables, steel bands, ... (automated continuous processing) etc. 

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