CYRPA develops non-invasive lasers used for patient-positioning in the radiotherapy. These systems are used by biomedical engineers with CT scanners when imaging the patient's tumor to define its isocenter, then by medical physicists with linear accelerator when treating the tumor with high-energy x-rays. The systems consist of several laser boxes, fixed on the walls and on the ceiling, remotely controlled by a Software on a PC/tablet PC. Additional is the "SmartPhantom", for automatic calibration.
CYRPA has brought innovations to the market of patient-positioning lasers:
» Double diode technology for each laser line: the user can chose between red and green at any moment, to adapt the colour to the patient's skin tone (green is better on darker skin, red is better on fairer skin).
» Full automatic calibration of the lasers with the SMARTPHANTOM: a technology of optical sensors connected to the software to calibrate the lasers back to zero position
» Precision of 0,1mm at the isocenter
» Radiotherapy centers
» Hospitals with a radiotherapy department

All around the world, CYRPA's equipment provides hospitals with a valuable return on investment upstream, calculated precisely according to each hospital, and a guarantee of optimum and unfailing system performance.
In collaboration with the different customers and partners, Transrad is continuously looking to give the best service at the best rate. 
Developing other and better ways to protect the worker, the public and the environment against radiation during transport.
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