IRE (National Institute for Radioelements)

Since its creation in 1971, the National Institute for Radioelements (IRE) has contributed to public health through the production of radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. IRE ranks today as a major worldwide supplier. Over the time, IRE has developed skills in the areas of engineering, operation and maintenance of specific facilities used for the radioisotope production.
The radioisotopes produced by the IRE are "Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients". The Mo-99, the "parent" isotope of Tc-99m usedin diagnostic for imaging the metabolism of many organs (heart, bones, thyroid, brain, kidneys, etc.) and to detect diseases,is produced by IRE. The properties of 1-131, also produced by IRE, make it suitable for the therapy of thyroid cancer andhyperthyroidism. IRE also produces Y-90 for innovative treatments of nonHodgkin lymphomas and liver cancers.
IRE main market is pharmaceutical companies that manufacture Mo-99/Tc-99m generators, 1-131 solutions and capsules, as well as Y-90 pharmaceuticals.
Currently, IRE exports more than 95% of its production in Europe, North-America, SouthAmerica and Asia. The Institute supplies more than 20% of the global demand in nuclear medicine thanks to an efficient supply chain management.
Partnerships are developing in countries across the world where nuclear medicine applications are not well developed yet. IRE offers its support to local companies and academics willing to develop nuclear medicine isotopes production by contributing to the design, qualification and operation of production units.
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