IRE ELiT, a subsidiary from the National Institute for Radioelements (IRE), has been created in 2010. Beside the production of innovative radiopharmaceuticals, IRE ELiT      provides service activities relating to the environmental protection, technical expertise and waste management. The R&D activities are focusing on innovative and ready-to-use solutions for the delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic agents. The "Services" business unit offers its expertise in the domain of medical waste management and monitoring.
Unlike radiochemical production, IRE ELiT's radiopharmaceutical products can be administered directly to patients thanks toan additional sterilisation phase. At the current stage, the radiopharmaceutical activities are aimed at the production of Y-90 and W-188/Re-188 generators. The most recent developmentsin the use of Re-188 relate to cancer therapy, palliative care for bone pain caused by spreading of breast and prostate cancer, the treatment of synovitis and cardiology. Y-90 effectively fights certain lymphomas, liver cancers & cancers from the immune system.
IRE ELiT, because of the nature of the product, is directly dealing with distributors and users of the product, including oncologist, nuclear medicine specialists and other pathology specialist (endocrinologist, hepatologist...).IRE ELiT is targeting the mature markets (Europe, North-America and Japan) as well as the emerging countries market in Asia and South-America.
The radiopharmaceutical group is involved in research programmes, in particular the BioWin programme. These programmes aimto develop new therapeutic and diagnostic applications in collaboration with a number of research laboratories, universities and the new Centre for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging. Partnerships are developing in countries across the world where nuclear medicine applications are not well developed yet.IRE EIiT offer its support to clinical trials and to projects for the implementation and the operation of production units.
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