ORA™ Optimized Radiochemical Applications

Founded in 2006, ORA (Optimized Radiochemical Applications) is a leading supplier of innovative radiochemistry solutions for the radiopharmaceutical industry.
By offering more freedom and a better efficiency for the competitive deployment of new PET tracers to support the nuclear medicine community, ORA provides NEPTIS®, an open and flexible platform.
NEPTIS® is the combination of a multi-purposes PET synthesizer and an advanced software system meeting the latest GMP requirements.
This combination offers the capability of creating an unlimited number of individualized radiotracer synthesis applications. 
NEPTIS® helps therefore in restoring freedom for researchers with an open platform, in providing developers with a robust tool from clinical trials to commercial production, and in offering producers a guarantee for reliable and repetitive performance.
NEPTIS® synthesizers are being sold worldwide and currently in use by the major PET radiopharmaceutical producers in USA and Europe.
The proven expertise of ORA coupled with the NEPTIS® platform and its extensive regulatory documentation support, makes it possible to meet new challenges of maximizing current PET tracers production and speeding up the development of new drugs to market.
The company has several established projects with large pharmaceutical companies for the supply of its NEPTIS® platform for the production of proprietary radiotracers at clinical trials stage or commercialisation stage.
Vincent Tadino

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