The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, SCK-CEN, is a foundation of public utility. With laboratories in Mol and a registered office in Brussels, it is one of the largest research centres in Belgium. Over 700 people work on the development of peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology. Our mission prioritizes important societal issues: the safety of nuclear installations, solutions for radioactive waste disposal, radiation protection, sustainable development and education.
The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre operates the Belgian research reactor BR2, in which targets can be irradiated in a highly flexible manner. A wide range of radioisotopes are produced by n-induced reactions. Extensive hot-laboratory facilities allow the radioactive materials to be manipulated. Expertise in materials science, radiochemistry, and radiobiology allows us to conduct research into the development of new radioisotopes and their derived radiopharmaceuticals (e.g. cancer targeting molecules that are attached to radionuclides).
» Radiopharmaceuticals
» Healthcare: studies on dosimetry and the effects of low dose ionising radiation. This aids in optimizing radiotherapy treatments, aimed at reducing the dose exposure and side effects for patients and medical staff without affecting the quality of the medical care.
» Research on the effects of cosmic radiation.
» Production and development of a broad range of medical radioisotopes
» Partner and/or coordinator of different research projects financed under different Framework Programmes of the European Commission and ESA
» SCK-CEN is founder of the spin-off company DoseVue NV that focuses on the development of an in-vivo realtime dosimetry system to be used in radiotherapy
Vincent Massaut

Deputy Director Business development & Support 
Phone: +32 14 33 29 68

Boeretang 200
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