Trasis S.A.

Trasis designs, manufactures and sells instruments used in the field of Nuclear Medicine for the production of radiopharmaceuticals and for their administration to patients. These includes synthesizers, dispensers, their associated consumables and dedicated shielding solutions.
Trasis was created in 2004 by the original designers of the worldwide recognized FDG "Coincidence box" from which derived most of today's PET tracer synthesizer technology.
Trasis offers a family of synthesizer called AllinOne, intended for the preparation of nearly any radiolabelled compound of medical relevance, with a particular emphasis on PET imaging tracers. 
Several models of dispensers named Unidose and Quickfill automatically prepare unit patient doses and allow a safe administration to the patients. All the instruments designed by Trasis use a disposable fluid pathway.
Trasis also develops innovative chemistry processes whose key features are robustness, performance and ease of use in compliance with GMP.

The dispensing products target mainly the hospitals while the synthesizer products are intended for radiochemistry research labs, medical imaging research centers and production radiopharmacies worldwide.
The mission of Trasis is to make new diagnostic or therapeutics substances more easily available to the medical community. Trasis also focuses on the challenges generated by the local preparation of radiopharmaceuticals in the hospitals such as required with generator made isotopes (i.e.Ga-68) or short lived isotopes like C11.
Trasis works in close collaboration with the University of Liege, its partner in many projects and with several research groups locally and abroad among which the CEA in France.
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