Your partner to ensure radio-pharmaceuticals quality to fight more effectively against cancer in the world. Elysia s.a. is a spin-off from the Cyclotron Research Center of the University of Liege.
Elysia is a provider of fully integrated quality control laboratory including paperless lab solution. We design, manufacture, sell and install instruments used for the measurement of radioactivity and quality control activities.
We are focused on the nuclear/pet, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.
We work closely together with radio-pharmaceutical companies and cyclotron providers to develop integrated equipment and to improve existing solutions. We are located in the Cyclotron Research Center of the University of Liege and we are working closely with themfor new tracers and innovative QC solutions. Elysia also has a demonstration laboratory to work in real conditions with hot tracers which represent an huge advantage compared to competitors.
Mr Francois Moonen 

E-mail: info@elysia.be 
Phone: +32 4 242 78 50

Centre de Recherches du Cyclotron 
Allée du Six Août, 8 (b30)
4000 Liege
Website: www.elysia.be