MEDraysintell was created in 2013 by Paul-Emmanuel Goethals (CSlntell) and Richard Zimmermann (Chrysalium Consulting), combining more than 40 years of experience in the medical radiation field, including nuclear medicine, proton therapy, radiotherapy, and brachytherapy.
MEDraysintell offers strategic intelligence, from experts in the medical radiation field, to help our clients better understand the markets, competitive environment as well as the potential of merger and acquisitions (M&A) and technology development. medraysintell wants to support in their decisional process manufacturers of radiopharmaceuticals or therapeutic radioisotopes, suppliers of equipment and software as well as investors interested by the medical radiation industry.
MEDraysintell publishes a series of world reports covering in several thousands of pages of key intelligence, the medical radiation industry:
» Nuclear Medicine — Radionuclides & Radiopharmaceuticals: The world first comprehensive evaluation report and directory of nuclear medicine providing a description and analysis of over 300 radiopharmaceuticals and radionuclides and more than 130 companies active in nuclear medicine around the world.
» Nuclear Medicine — Equipment: A complete report covering equipment & devices (i.e.: cyclotrons, scanners and other large equipment) used in nuclear medicine around the world.
» Proton Therapy: The renowned world proton therapy report features a comprehensive review of the proton therapy market around the world, including maps and list of all operational and future PT centers, clinical applications of proton therapy and a detailed profile of PT vendors around the world.
» Brachytherapy: The first comprehensive evaluation of the brachytherapy industry associated with a directory, written by experts, and providing detailed information about products and companies active in this market. Brachytherapy represents an effective treatment option for many types of cancer, yet brachytherapy might be identified as the unexploited therapy.
MEDraysintell develops a platform of Experts in medical radiation able to answers specific requests in a one stop shopping solutions.
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