Medex Loncin

Medex Loncin has been created in1999 to take-over the SAV activitiesfrom GE Healthcare when it stopped its manufacturing activities in Loncin. Medex is now active in designing, manufacturingand commercializing worldwide digital X-RAY imaging systems in the medical, veterinary and industrial fields.
Medex is mainly active in the ddr imaging systems while it also designs, manufactures and sells other x-ray technologies (analogic and CR). in this respect medex has developed its own imaging software. Medex has also developed and manufactures a remote control positioner in OEM for a large foreign manufacturer.
» Medical field : Mainly emerging and developing countries Tier 1 and Tier 2 Health infrastructures

» Veterinary field : European markets

» Industrial field : NDT and security application worldwide
» Projects : development of new version of the medical and veterinary imaging systems.

» Partnership : OEM agreements with large x-ray systems manufacturers

» Collaboration : several new product developments supported by the walloon region and development of a CAD system with a german company.
Jean Gabriel, CEO

Tel : +32 4 239 96 49
Fax : +32 4 239 96 59

Rue Marie Curie 10
4431 Loncin (Ans)