Isotopes Services International

ISI is a very dedicated company in the niche market which is the global transport and distribution of radioactive materials for medical & industrial use. In 1988 Serge Goossens, actual General Manager of ISI, started with a company called "ExpressVervoer". Very soon a joint venture was created between "Express Vervoer" & "Securitas". Since 1994 the company has become Isotopes Services International (ISI). Today ISI is a transport company and logistics provider for radioactive materials, temperature controlled diagnostics, pharmaceuticals & dangerous goods.
ISI is a transport company & logistics provider for worldwide distribution of radioactive materials for medical & industrial use, temperature controlled pharmaceuticals, biological & diagnostics products. ISI is an authority with regards to legislation of dangerous goods logistics. ISI is licensed to store and transport radioactive materials and refrigerated products using 32 temperature controlled vehicles with GPRS communication. ISI is the specialist for organizing air freight shipments including tailor- made charter flights. ISI is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
Demand for temperature controlled air & road transport of pharmaceuticals is expected to grow by 12 % annually over the next 5 years due to stricter regulations on risk control & increasing global demand for medicine. The majority of biotech products global demand for medicine. The majority of biotech products requires 2-8°C storage & transportation (e.g. vaccines, blood products & other injectable products). As a result a large increase in moving products into (CRT) storage (15-25°C range) is taking place due to changes that are tightening storage & transport rules which cover majority of pharmaceuticals.
ISI is looking to become a key niche provider on the niche market for storage & transport of temperature controlled pharmaceuticals. 
Therefore moving closer to Brussels Airport is under investigation. ISI is also developing with current partners the transport anddistribution network for radioactive products to have faster & more accurate deliveries between manufacturers and end-users located in Europe, USA & Canada.
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