Transrad was founded on January 18th, 1988.                            
Supported by its shareholders — National Institute for Radioelements (IRE) and NCT sa —,it has become one of the leading companies active in the field of radioactive and nuclear logistics.
Transrad organizes the worldwide logistics of nuclear, radioactive and related material.
A fleet of about 40 vehicles (vans, trucks and trailers) specially designed and equipped (satellite tracking, security installations,...) and a dedicated team of more than 15 drivers with specific training, approved by the competent authority, for the transport of radioactive and nuclear substances, are daily on the road delivering radioisotopes to the pharmaceutical companies all over the world.
Our markets :
» Radioisotope production facilities (and related companies in the fuel cycle)

» Radiopharmaceutical companies

» High radioactive sources for sterilization 

» Control equipment
Alongside our partners we participate to the evolution of the health, energy, industry and environment sectors.
Transrad feels responsible towards the society : we are proud to serve the community through the efficiency and the reliability of our services.
Phone: +32 71 82 97 59