AgwA Technics

AgwA Technics is the technical spin-off of AgwA Architecture. AgwA Technics specializes in the integration of complex industrial processes and machinery in buildings. AgwA technics provides independent follow-up of work site and of the third party contractors, engineers to anticipate and minimize the risk of expensive errors. Over the past years, AgwA technics has developed a stable relationship with iBA's protontherapy centers in Europe, Russia, India and Japan.
AgwA Technics provides building interface support for all technological equipment with specific requirements, including radioprotection, energy supply, complex rigging and ducts schemes, etc. Our expertise in the field of architecture and construction convert us in an essential link in the chain between engineered equipment with strong constraints and the building team (architects, engineers, contractors).
» protontherapy centers
» medical imagery
» industrial, medical, pharmaceutical processes - feasibility studies 
» assistance, review and follow-up
» construction support
Recent achievements are the protontherapy center in Krakow, in Prague or in Trento for iBA, including the medical imaging. AgwA Technics also realized consultancy missions for clients such as Besix Red or Tractebel Development Engineering. AgwA Technics also provides execution support for architects (requirements, detailing, work site follow up) and realizes audits and feasibility studies with a wide range of specialized subcontractors (energy, fire-engineering, equipment, mobility,...).
AgwA technics
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