Canberra is a leader in alpha-beta- X-ray and gamma radiation detectors in the nuclear sector
Canberra detectors can be devised on semiconductor based solutions (silicon PIPS detectors or germanium detectors) or scintillator and gas based solutions (Portal hand and foot monitors).
Our detectors are routinely used in the field of bio-assay analysis in alpha spectroscopy labs, but also in the security monitoring of medical installations.                                    In 1998, Canberra has integrated components for intra-operative probes for sentinel lymps node biopsies.   
» Alpha therapy: Canberra has recently proposed a prototype for dosing  doses contained in capsules containing antigens associated with lead  212 for alpha therapy.

» Intra-operative probes: We propose a new generation of detectors that are selective to positrons and gammas produced by DFG (difluoro- are selective to positrons and gammas produced by DFG (difluoro-glucose) for enabling much more accurate biopsies.
Collaboration with AREVA MED on the assessment of dosis of lead 212 in capsules containing active agents for alpha therapy.
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