CENAERO, the Centre of Excellence in AEROnautical research, is an applied research centre with focus on the on the development of multidisciplinary simulation technologies for Aeronautics.
Virtual Manufacturing: simulation of welding (fusion or friction processes, in particular Friction Stir Welding, Laser and Electron beam welding), machining, forming, etc. 

Multiscale Material Modelling: fatigue and rupture analysis by integration of new numerical methods capable of propagating cracks inside of 3D parts and composites. Development of models for fatigue of bonded joints, micro-meso-macro modelling. 

CFD-multiphysics: simulation of large scale turbulent unsteady flows with emphasis on aero-acoustics and fluid-structure interaction. Large mesh generation around very complex geometries. 

Multidisciplinary Optimisation: Parallel, multi-objective, multi-constrained optimization. Typical application : turbomachinery blade shape optimization. Our MAX tool provides native access to CAD systems such as CATIA V5 or Unigraphics. 
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