Open Engineering

Open Engineering, the R&D subsidiary of the Samtech Group, is developing a multi-physics software toolkit named OOFELIE® for modeling and design of electro, thermal, optical and mechanical systems, integrating electrostatic effects, acoustics, phase change and fluids. 
Software for engineering & engineering of software. Either through our products or services, Open Engineering proposes to be your professional R&D partner in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) for any complex and/or multidisciplinary problem, thanks to its proprietary OOFELIE® solver and graphical user interface, which can be easily adapted to your specific needs. OOFELIE® is a multiphysic numerical simulation software dedicated to provide a CAD CAE all-in-one for industrial engineering departments and research centers. 
Mr Igor Klapka 

tel: +32 4 3729345
fax: +32 4 3729321 

Rue des Chasseurs Ardennais, 8
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