Verhaert NV

Verhaert New Products & Services N.V. is an expert in design & development of first of a kind products. 
Since 1969 the company has developed over 500 first generation products in various sectors ranging from medical, industrial, space & aeronautics to consumer. In 1990 Verhaert started offering product development services for space market segments. Until 2005 a space & industrial business was kept parallel to each other but in 2005 Verhaert sold Verhaert Space to the QinetiQ Group. We have a unique development approach on top of the classical V-development model covering: 
» System level 
» Concept level 
» Detailed design 
» Prototyping 
» Concept testing 

Our skills are multidisciplinary : mechanical, electrical, electronics, software and applied mathematics (algorithms for signal processing & detection) & physics (e.g. optical instruments).Our capabilities range from classical simulation (FEM, CFD, raytracing, ...) to co-simulation of physical models & control models. With references in tight system integration in critical applications due to our space history, fault tolerant design with high reliability.
In mechatronics these design & development services in special critical environments lead to references such as Belgoprocess, BASF, Dredging International, ...
In instrumentation these services lead to high precision optical instruments for several customers in the diamond industry, Burk E. Porter in automotive and Airbus in aviation. 
Mr Frederik Wouters 

Business Development Director
tel: +32 3 250 43 65 

Hogenakkerhoekstraat 21
B-9150 Kruibeke