Besix S.A.

Besix is the largest Belgian construction group and belongs to the Besix Group, a collection of companies active in the construction and real estate sectors. 
Founded in 1909, the company has known a regular and impressive growth to become the renowned international it is today. BESIX covers practically all the fields of the construction industry. Besix's most important know-how lies primarily in the use of concrete in: 
» complex marine engineering projects (quay walls, piers, jetties, breakwaters, etc), 
» major building works (airports, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, etc), 
» large scale infrastructure projects (motorways, railways, tunnels, underground railways, bridges, etc). 

Since 2003 Besix Group's construction activities have been split into two business units: 
» The first business unit concentrates on major international construction activities, and consists mainly of Besix and Six Construct. 
» The second, more regional business unit consists of the general contracting companies Wust, Jacques Delens, Vanhout and Lux TP. These concentrate their activities primarily on Belgium and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. 
Mr Didier Damseaux 

Business Development 
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fax: +32 2 402 64 36 

Avenue des Communautes 100 
B-1200 Brussels